Please note that all activities are pending covid_19 restrictions at that time. We advise you to contact the Membership Coordinator to join all the links to the activities mentioned below. Each club will be posting their updates on their links.

Book Club

book club Christmas night

The Book Club members meet every month to discuss the chosen read for that month. We read books from all over the world . We read for international writers from different cultures. Meeting takes place at the book club leader’s house or at a chosen restaurant. We talk about everything , life, family, friends and the plot of the book and its characters. Usually members spend around 3 hours talking over a drink and a dinner. Every book club evening is a special evening.


Hiking Group

We are a team of women from all over the world and hike every Monday in the beautiful mountains around Almaty, breath fresh air and enjoy the company. We do relatively short hikes, never longer than 4 hours in total so we manage to pick up kids from school on time.

Our hikes are at a relatively low level 1500 m – 2200 m, but they do have steep or icy sections. Everyone can always turn around and walk back the same way if the hike seems to be getting too long or difficult. If there are more than one leader on the hike, one of the leaders will accompany you. Before heading to the trail you must have sturdy waterproof hiking boots, walking poles, water and snack. In winter, you will need also crampons, gloves, hat and gaiters. In summer you will need sun screen, insect repellent, sun glasses and sun hat. Our starting points are either Royal Tulip hotel or President’s park – depending on the hike.

It is very useful to have the Hiking book where all the hikes are described. The book can be usually purchased at the AIWC meeting.

Hiking is healthy, hiking is social, hiking is about discovery, hiking is fun.

Yoga Club

A typical hour at the yoga class would include combination of Surya namaskar (sun salutation), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, discussion of benefits and relaxation techniques.

A small donation is usually required to cover the studio rental. Activity pending covid_19 restrictions during that time.

Cooking Club

This is absolutely not to miss club. we cook everything! Indian food, Italian, Kazak , Russian, Turkish , Australian and much more. Our talented members are always creative and keen to create a fantastic menu . Usually a lunch is served of what we cooked presented by our awesome host.

A small fee is required to cover the cost of materials . All proceeds go to support our local charities.

Creating and Crafting Club

The Creating and Crafting Club is super fun . the Club support our charities in every single project. It has been highly successful and interesting . The members create beautiful pieces of art and crafts. Members of this club meet every Tuesday from 11 to 1pm.

Charity Club

The Charity club is extremely active within our Club. This photo was taken during the charity club visit to the Orphanage outside of Almaty. Our wonderful members took clothes, toys, and food to Ark Village.. They also organized several activities to entertain the orphans. We had enjoyed their company during that day. The kids were very kind and offered us lunch at their facilities. the Charity Club organizes many fundraising events during the year. They collect food for over 90 babushkas and pack care bags to over 400 women in prison need desperate help. The Charity Club is the heart and soul of AIWC . the club support 6 local charities around Almaty.

Cultural Group

The purpose of our Cultural Group is to visit points of interest to get to know the cultural aspects of Almaty. We are going to visit museums, galleries, artist’s studios, etc. Specific special information will be posted about this activity`s date and time, on our broadcasting channel.

Italian Conversation
Italian conversation tries to meet student’s needs. It is open to all levels in Italian. Lessons include grammar and reading exercises. All welcome!

English Conversation
Engaging in natural conversation is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary and fluency in any language.  Each week we discuss a new topic of interest in a friendly and supportive environment.  Speakers of all levels are very welcome to join us for coffee, conversation, and good company!

Russian Conversation Group
This activity is for AIWC members who would like to learn or practice Russian in a friendly informal setting. We can meet each week in nice Almaty spots and chat with each other, group leaders and invited Russian guests. Prepare your questions and suggest topics

The Movie Club ( not active at the moment)

A meetup group that brings together thoughtful people for stimulating conversations after watching films. Meetups include discussion of a wide range of topics which are presented after watching the films. Very often it includes culture, philosophy & religion, science & technology, psychology or politics & economics. It is great to meet people from so many different backgrounds and see the value that diversity adds to our group and discussions. We try to provide a place and a format to speak up and be heard, to listen and exchange ideas, to explore optional resources and questions prepared by a discussion leader, to raise your own questions, and to share your own experiences and knowledge. We value life experiences, informal education and diverse points of view.

The Playgroup for kids

This group meets weekly in one of the parents ‘houses. kids get together to play and have fun, while parents socialize and share their experiences in parenting and much more.