Dear Ladies,

Dear New Comers to Almaty, 
 I am very excited and humbled to welcome you on behalf of Almaty International Women’s Club! Founded originally in 1994 by four members, the AIWC has expanded and developed since then, in an amazing way.  Our members come from all over the world, bringing around  50 different culture from 50 wonderful countries, including our host country, Kazakhstan.
 The AIWC is an English language social organization, supporting the expat community, living in Almaty and giving back to the local community through charities. The main mission of the club is connecting and entertaining its members, through various activities and social events, in parallel, supporting many local charities in and around Almaty. We are the main sponsor of a number of charities;  Hands of Mercy, The Dara Foundation, Seven Trees, Reach Public Funds, Ark Village Orphanage, and many other charities. Our  ladies run different mini_ clubs within our Club: The Hiking Club, Charity Club, Art &Crafts Club, Cooking Club, play group Club, Cards Club, Book Club, Yoga Club, Esoteric Club, Lunch Bunch, Cultural Club, Italian Club, Spanish Club, English Club and many more, depends on the availability of our members. The Club also hosts many events during the year; Welcome Back Party, Fundraising Charity Annual Ball, Family BBQ Day, Christmas Brunch, Easter Brunch, Halloween, in addition to all that, we organize amazing cultural trips to popular places.  I am very proud and happy to say that the AIWC has made a big difference in the quality of life for so many expats, who had come to Almaty, looking for a good company and a hand when needing help. 
The Club has also its own publications, the very popular Hiking Guide,  Cooking Book, Almaty Guide and Charity Brochure. The Club also has its own social Media Channels and website, which cover all our activities and announcements on a daily basis. We also have our broadcasting channel to keep our members informed of all critical information they might need. 
 Kazakhstan is an amazing country with very interesting history located on the Silk Route and hosting historical sites, gorgeous mountains offering hiking opportunities of various degrees of challenge, delicious food, dynamic nightlife and welcoming people.
Please contact us to  explore the best of what this  country has to offer!  Some of us are permanent residents here, others are in a temporary business mission, but we all work together in effort to make our time here unforgettable. We are all very different and come from all over the world, but we share similar goals and interests, the desire to meet new interesting people, help them to enjoy their  life in Kazakhstan and to spread the good will through charities and fundraising for people in need.
As the President, I will make sure that together we make the best out of Kazakhstan, connect with other expats like you and make your move to this wonderful country as easy as possible. 
I hope that you will make great memories and find great friendships here while giving back to the community!
 Join us and lets have the best  experience of a life time, in Kazakhstan. 
Roueida Rita Saleh
Almaty International Women’s Club
Almaty, Kazakhstan