Baboushka Baskets – is one of AIWC projects in which I tried to participate rarely. I was thinking that kids in orphanages deserve my attention more and that old people already consciously lived their lives and built what they have now by their choices.

This is what I was thinking before I read a beautiful poem written by an 80-year-old lady who stayed alone after death of her husband. She never wrote any poems before, but suddenly got the lyrics of her poems and started writing. I was impressed – this lady made something valuable for people at the end of her life!  Lubov Troitskaya is the name of that old lady. In one of her poems she wrote that she lived for herself her whole life and now stayed alone, but she repents… Her desire was to sell her book with poems to cover nursing costs of one baboushka during a year. We sold some of her books in the AIWC, but still these books are for sale (one book costs 2500 tenge). Unfortunately, this lady passed away before Easter this year…

This Baboushka Basket project came to me, though, after a few organizational issues and changes. I found myself running this project first time. Fortunately, I had experienced ladies in my team who were working with me! I felt the importance and inclusivity of this project for the AIWC – it is fully our project from start to finish, with some very pleased recipients of our charity work.

This year we took 73 elderly from the Hands of Mercy list – as their list was checked and proven by documents.

Hands of Mercy accepts old people at age of 80 and more, without kids, however some reasonable exceptions exist. The list contained a few people who needed diabetic products and diapers, as well as medications. So, we tried to fulfill their needs.

The idea is to purchase a number of basic products for the elderly that are suitable to their age and health condition. As soon as the list of products is ready and agreed upon, normally we buy the products that need to be packed. But thankfully, we found sponsors!

–                 Al Hilal Bank

–                 Metro sponsored 20 baskets

–                 Our members who donated 7000 tenge per 1 basket, some paid for 2 and more baskets.

And then a wonderful packing team arrive to pack on Tuesday, April 17th and worked to pack up all 73 baskets!

The packing team included: Wendy, Lisa, Graciella, Svetlana, Olena, Elena V., Banu, Laura!

The delivery team: Dolores, Kim, Raluca, Elena V., Lisa, Laura, Farida and Olga/Gerda!

Baskets we provided to these shut-in elderly not only included basic food for a few months, but even more importantly, these baskets give FAITH, HOPE and LOVE! These old people got a hand with much-needed material support and moral support thanks to our club members, as well as our sponsors who trust us. They all were waiting to receive their baskets, wanted to talk a little bit, tell their stories and say “THANK YOU!”

In addition, I would like to tell you that we as a club support 22 baboushkas from Hands of Mercy to cover all their nursing costs. This costs 45000 tenge per year. If you wish to adopt one of these 22 baboushkas, please contact me.