Babushka Baskets







17 April 2018 Pack baskets
17-20 April Deliver baskets
April is the time to pack up and deliver Babushka Baskets to more than 70 shut-in around Almaty. AIWC members will meet Tuesday, 17 April to pack up the baskets. AIWC members will then be delivering these baskets to the elderly 17-20 April.

Please consider how you can touch the lives of these shut-in elderly people by volunteering to be a to be a part of the packing or delivery team. Please contact the Babushka Baskets Coordinator: Olga Salimova +7 701 212 0119.

We are asking AIWC members as well as informing the broader community about this significant project and asking them to consider making a tangible difference by purchasing, for 7000 kzt, a basket of goods (including non-perishable food items, toiletries and some medicines) for a shut-in elderly person. Upon purchase of a basket, we will provide a personalized card to be signed and will then be included with the basket to be delivered.

7 March 2018 – CLUB MEETING

This Wednesday, 7 March 2018 at 10.30 am, we will be in the Bosphorus Restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel for a Coffee and Chat Morning – enjoy this opportunity to catch up with girlfriends and celebrate International Women’s Day a little early with a little special surprise!

Our Coffee Morning will include a presentation from to provide the perfect way to start off our AIWC Running Club.


Join us for celebration of the International Women’s day! You will enjoy a buffet meal featuring carved leg of veal with grilled vegetables and French pastries for dessert. Unlimited drinks, including wine and bubbles. Live jazz and a DJ will provide an evening of entertainment and dancing. Perfect way to kick off your Women’s Day celebration and long weekend.