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The AIWC always welcomes new members

Our rules: all foreign passport holders, females and males, and all Kazakhstani passport holders married to expatriates are accepted. Moreover, Kazakhstani passport holders who have lived abroad more than one year  (which means they know what it means to be an expatriate) or who can name two expatriate club members they have known for more than one year as reference can also apply for membership. In order to be fair, any current member who does not meet these requirements can continue to maintain their membership every year by registering each September, renewing their status. However, if a member allows their membership to lapse, then that member must meet these requirements to renew their membership status.

As it is with most other women’s clubs around the world, our common language is English and a minimum level of English is expected for optimal exchange of ideas and working together.

Our organization was founded originally in 1994 and since then we have a history of ethical and responsible attitude in all actions representing the club. It is something that our members and local charities can rely on and of which we are proud. Our Code of Conduct describes the principles of behaviour that all our members should aspire to and provides us with practical guidance in our actions, events and contribution to the local communities. Please read the Code of Conduct.

Please click the link below and fill out the membership form electronically. It will automatically be submitted to our Membership Coordinator upon completion.

AIWC Membership Form 2023-24

Membership fees:
New membership for 1 year (1st September until 31st August of the following year) = 50,000 KZT
Professional Networking Group Membership fee for 1 year = 25,000 KZT
Half Year Membership applicable only from 1st February to 31st August of the year = 25,000 KZT
Renewal of current membership BEFORE 1st October = 35,000 KZT

For other general queries you may contact by e-mail: