Tie-Dye For

The members of our Crafting Club were treated to a special session this week learning to tie-dye fabric, courtesy of the wonderful @purnimap.varma.

Thanks so much, Purnima!

Italian Conversation Group

Mi scusi!

Did you know we run an Italian conversation group?

Run every week on Tuesdays at one of the lovely cafes around town, our members can sit back, sip their espresso and chat (in Italian of course!).

If you’re interested in joining our club, contact our Membership Coordinator: membership.aiwc@gmail.com

Family Day

What a wonderful Family Day we had this weekend!

Given the imposing weather forecast we all arrived, decked out in raincoats and wellington boots, and had a wonderful time splashing about.

Really, what child doesn’t like jumping up and down in muddy puddles? 💦☔️

And then the sun came out!

Thanks to The Apple Tree Preschool Almaty for hosting us!

If you’re interested in joining the club, please contact our Membership Coordinator: membership.aiwc@gmail.com

Weekly Coffee Morning- June 1

What a turn out!

Thanks so much to Mamma Mia Group for hosting us (without any warning!)! We had a super time!

The AIWC meets up on Wednesday mornings at different venues around Almaty for catch ups and coffee. It’s a brilliant regular social activity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our club please contact our member services: membership.aiwc@gmail.com

Supporting Seven Trees for International Children’s Day

Helping Seven Trees Almaty to make a special day for underprivileged kids here in our city!

Thank you to all our members for their generosity this Children’s Day!

Every year, to celebrate International Children’s Day, Seven Trees Almaty gives presents to small children who are in a local prison with their mothers, and children of low income families and single mothers.

The Sundowners- A New Special Interest Group

Sun up or sun down? We’ve formed a new monthly interest group called the “Sundowners”, once a month on a Friday after a long week of work or insane life with Littles, we relax and have great conversation. This special group doesn’t just include the Ladies of our club, but you can bring along your spouse/partner as well.

For more information about joining the club, contact Membership at membership.aiwc@gmail.com

Let’s Go Take A Hike!

Every week (weather permitting) our Hiking Activity Group explores the mountains surrounding our beautiful city of Almaty. The Hiking Group is one of many activity groups we offer. For more information website link in our profile.

If you are interested in joining, please contact our Membership team at membership.aiwc@gmail.com

Evening Edition

Every 3-4 weeks we have Evening Edition, a social gathering for members who work full time (or those who wish to join the full time workers for some dinner and drinks!).

Evening Edition Members get special rates due to their limited availability for our weekly activities. Please contact us if you are interested in joining! membership.aiwc@gmail.com


The elderly of Almaty who don’t have family nearby and lack basic support need your help. The adoption ensures they are given nursing and social care, food deliveries, and medication. We have 21 Babushkas and Dedushkas to adopt! Choose between three available packages.