Bean wondering what there is to do in Almaty?

If you have (bean wondering), wonder no more – if you’re new to the city, consider joining the AIWC!

aka the Almaty International Women’s Club.

We’re a social organisation (and registered charity!), helping to connect you with other international folks in this city.

I say folks, because we are not exclusively for women. We have men as members too.

All throughout the year we meet on Wednesdays for Coffee Mornings. We have an active WhatsApp group, where you can get great answers to your most pressing Almaty questions. Most of the year we also run activity groups, such as Hiking, Russian Conversation and Craft, all organised by our incredible team of Activity Leaders.

Activity Leaders get the summer off. Which we think is very fair.

If you’re interested in joining us, please check our Members Info section in the menu above.