Dear AIWC Community,

What a delight and honor to step into 2023 as your President. This year marks the Club’s 29th year in existence, starting this year with 110 members representing 30 nations (and even a couple of Gents, too!). We have members from newly joined, to those who have come in and out over the years, to those who are our very founders. We strive to help members to have a place to connect, get recommendations, and see what this wonderful city of Almaty offers. Our activity and special interest groups have regular weekly pursuits to be a part of. From indoors like the Book Club to outdoors like the Hiking or Skiing Groups and even Crafting for those so inclined and Playgroup for Moms with Littles, and throw in a few language conversation clubs, too. Even if you are in the working world, we offer various evening and weekend gatherings here and there. We are always on the lookout for more things available that bring us together; if we don’t have it I’m sure we can start it!

Another very big point of what I am proud of AIWC for doing, and what this board advocates for, is how we raise money for many local charities throughout the year to make a difference in this beautiful country we are all a part of, no matter how short or long that may be. We are having an effect on those from the smallest orphan Littles with Ark Village and on up to the Elderly with Hands of Mercy. We are also influencing the lives of all those in between with Seven Trees, who seek to improve the lives of those at risk, and the Eldany Foundation, employing those with disabilities. I’m looking forward to all we can do for these amazing organizations this coming year.

A little more about me: a US Citizen born and raised, most of my time spent in the beautiful state of Colorado, now living in Almaty, Kazakhstan for just over 5 1/2 years. I have traveled extensively to over 20 countries since a teenager, but Almaty is the first place I have called “home” outside of America. I am wife to Andrew just shy of 13 years with 4 kids, ranging from 7 to 1, bringing our oldest with us when she was 2 and having 3 kids right here in Almaty. Andrew runs a greenhouse company selling greens and consulting aquaponics. I unofficially assist him mostly with communications. But of course most of my time is spent with our kiddos at home and all that entails. My background is filled with lots of experience working in the non profit world from community development and relief projects. I have self taught skills in administration, accounting, PA, data entry, and general networking and events management experience. I love people, meeting people, connecting people, it’s my forte. When I’m not chasing my babies, you’ll find me reading, watching shows or movies with my Hubby, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

On behalf of the Board of 13 amazing ladies, I know we will make 2023 an amazing year for not just this Club, but the city of Almaty, too.

Charity Fisk
Almaty International Women’s Club
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mobile/WhatsApp +7 777 950 87 25